Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I have to book online?

- Yes, you need to go through the internet to make bookings online using our website.


2. How do I book from the website online system?

-  Choose your destination then decide on the packages, hotels, transport and etc from the Tour Packages and Hotels separately if you wish to choose your own accommodation.


3. How do I choose the packages offered on the website?

-  Choose from the list of Tour Packages. You may also opt to choose from the category in the page.


4. How do I know which trips are available?

- Only trips available will be shown in the Tour Packages list or in the category.


5. How do I make payment for my booking from the website?

- You can make your payment immediately after you choose your packages or trips, then fill in the particular on the page before proceeding to the payment page.


6. Will my credit card payment be secure on the website?

- Yes, your credit card payment will be very secure as the payment will be made in an HTTPS protocol. HTTPS  is actually Hyper Text Transfer Protocol with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), HTTPS is another protocol primarily developed with secure, safe Internet transactions in mind.


7. How do I check my bookings after payment?

- You can go to the Make Payment tab on the left side by clicking on it, you will be redirect to the Make Payment page that requires you to enter the Reference no. send by the system automatically and input your email address that you make bookings with to allow the system to verify your purchase.


8. How do I know if my payment went through?  

- The System will automatically send you an invoice when you successfully make the payment.        


9.  How do I check-in at the airport?

- You will be given an e-ticket generated by the website online to your email.


10. Does the tour price include international flights?

- The prices quoted on the site do not include international flights. If you would like to know more about the inquiry please feel free to let us know on the Contact Us page and let us know all your travel plans, including your international flights.


11. Do I need to tip the local guide?

- Yes, you are required to.


12. What's included in the trip cost?

- The trip cost will cover the tours, accommodation and meals exclusive on the flight depending on the Tours Packages selected.


13. Can I book extra accommodation for the start or end of the tour?

- Yes, in all cases, we can organise extra accommodation for the start and end of the tour. Just let us know and we’ll organise a quote for you. We also have trip extensions in many of the destinations we travel to, more details are on this website, or contact us to let us know.


14. What form of transport do we use?

- Some by air, land and sea depending on the destination package selected.


15. What standard of hotels should I expect?

- The hotels are clean, well-appointed, centrally located and have private bathrooms. When we go to out-of-the-way places, we often stay as guests of local people in simple huts or longhouses for a night or two. They may not have the trappings of a hotel, but these accommodations are part of the adventure of exploring a country, and our travellers find these stay a highlight of their trip. Aside from being more interesting places to stay than bland hotels, they also help to keep costs down, and by supporting local businesses you help the local economy. In short, our trips do not go for international five-star hotels but they serve up five-star experiences instead.


16. If I do not have credit card, can I pay by bank transfers from within Malaysia?


You will then scan the payment slip and email it to us: booking@borneotropicaladventures.com

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ACC NO: 311 400 9117
Swift Code : PBBEMYKL
Branch Address: 28, China Street, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia


What is Tourism Tax?

It is the recently passed law, Tourism Tax Act 2017 that requires all tourists to Malaysia to pay a Tourism Tax of RM10 per room per night for every night that they stay at any of the hotels in Malaysia. It does not apply to Permanent Residents or those with a working permit.



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